Bundled Golf Communities in Naples/Southwest Florida

Bundled Golf Communities in Naples

Demand for real estate in Naples bundled golf communities is currently very high. As more and more golf lovers are looking to escape the cold of Canada and the northern United States, Naples golf communities are a golfers’ paradise. A “bundled” golf community is one where the initiation fee, or equity in the golf club in which the community is built, is included with your home purchase. Annual dues are usually required, but because there is no large initiation fee, bundled golf communities in Naples are an excellent deal for seasonal owners who can’t be here more than 3-4 months per years, or for recreational golfers who can only play 2-3 times per week.  They also work well for investors because of the relatively-reasonable costs and the ease of transferring the golf membership.

Here are some more reasons why you may prefer to reside in a bundled golf course community:
• All residents are club members, which means that all owners in the community share a common goal…the health and prosperity of the community.
• All club amenities and community common areas are owned, operated, and maintained by the residents/members.
• The members elect a Board of Directors which is held accountable for approving major decisions, thus giving residents the power to see that things are carried out in an appropriate manner, with direct input and feedback.
• Mandatory membership for residents spreads the cost of course upkeep and other community expenses over a broad base, which assures excellent condition of the course and community, and on-going growth of property values.
• All residents have access to the golf facilities and services, in addition to the golf course, which makes it fun and easy to hold and attend functions.
• Each home owner recovers their membership “equity” upon resale of their home because it is “bundled” in the sale price of the home, just as it was when they purchased the property.

Here’s a list of the bundled golf communities in Naples and Southwest Florida…





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